Thursday, February 14, 2008

ads for ads sakes

I've been really getting into me graphical design eye lately and i think there's one thing similar between both skills.... graphics for graphics sake and shit advertising that doesn't communicate anything. I came across these posters done by a company based in Romania called OkapiStudio.... I think they illustrate my point brilliantly.


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Shock appeal: The sickest show on earth

Whilst reading the Daily Mail today i was suddenly really shocked at the below image which just popped out and amazed me! I couldn't quite believe what i was seeing... a lion... on a horse?!?! Photoshop instanly sprung to mind, but no, it was true, and then i realised being quiet sensitive to animal cruelty that it was indeed real and infact the animals were being poorly treated as well, all in aid of human entertainment. Despite it being a horrible image, it struck me how powerful a shocking image can be and how quickly i went from thinking about the headline to being really interested to understand what was really happening in this image! I think shock appeal really does work to quickly commuincate and stand out from the crowd. Poor animals though :(


Tuesday, February 5, 2008

rev that engine

I,ve been stalking again and haven't yet seen the new Honda ad on tele but I found it on youtube! And since it was done my WK i was interested to the creatives behind a once again very strong advert! There have been mixed reviews to its success but i think it has an engaging and clear message! Below is the a version showing you behind the scenes. After watching it at 12:14pm after a tiring day I'm feeling ready to get up and make an ad! Very inspiring... one day.....


Monday, February 4, 2008

cross stitch

I've been helping the boy with his latest cross stitch graphic piece to promote the end of year show. Thanks to my lessons in year 4 i had some use! There's some classic examples on the net of shit patterns which all look abit dated. However moving this idea into the advertising area, i thought why not have big billboards where people are free to stitch stuff to their hearts content, kind of like a mass grannies meeting on the street. Have no idea what this could advertise just like the idea of the public being able to stitch what they like and like the knitting craze start a cross stitch one. oooooh yeh!