Friday, October 30, 2009


I've found a update in the Lite message board section. I promise to upload lots of useful blogging material soon. As i'm quite busy and have a lot of blogs saved as drafts I though i'd let the "shy" entertain for now.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A beer jumper

These knitted jumpers came to my attention earlier this week. Perfect for the ever increasing cold weather and cosy nights in the pub. Think id need a cider one though.

Not much really to report my end. But things are busy with a new account we have been given to work on. I might be shot if i reveal just yet who that is but we are really excited to be doing work for them. Its certainly a challenge but we have taken quite a different route. Instead of just getting a brief and asked to come up with a creative solution, we actually collaborated with planners to come up with strategies and mechanics. We found this method really insightful and made us much more wary of the brand and the target audience. We have to admit some of it was gobbledegook and a few marketing diagrams whooshed past our eyes making little sense. But it was nice to get an input into direction and approach. This ended up with us being able to define a brand tone of voice, look and feel which we later presented to the clients. It was nice to get insight and feel fully involved from the start and seeing how a planner mind works.

As another week unfolds, hopefully soon i will be able to post up some work we have done. Meanwhile i finally take the leap and move to London on Sunday. So i'd like to say thanks and goodbye to the following people that made my commuting lets say somewhat entertaining:

To the pair of guys traveling back from a night out drinking expensive saki. You did indeed have curious minds and my argument supporting advertising I hope did somewhat help convince you not all is evil in ad-land. I thank you for your in depth thoughts about digital advertising coming from as you named yourselves "cyber-geeks" and i certainly loved your theory that the recession is the beginning of World War three. Heavy stuff for a late night commute.

To the man in the tweed jacket. Your spatial awareness for leg space I found particularly bemusing.

To the men who love a window. I do hope your neck doesn't ache to much from the 45 degree angle you liked to posses for the duration of the journey. Or perhaps sit the opposite side of the train on the way back to at least keep some balance.

To the tutting men who missed their VERY important meetings. You can't beat a good loud British TUTT.

To the voluptuous family from Brum who decided to penn me in, now that was a cosy trip.

To the 26 drunken viking girls.

and finally

To the commuters who every day flock to find a seat they can claim their own for the next 60 minutes. I found coach D was the favorite hotspot for a good scramble. Its a tough game commuting and it wont be missed. Bring on the bicycle!