Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Got a brief...??

Simple answer, put a donk on it.

Bit of entertainment whilst scamping today for amnesty.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Different Kettle... of fish

Been a busy bumbler this last week, so thus lack of blogging.

However, had a great chat with Nick Holmes from Different Kettle, see

I was expecting a brief to be fired at us, and to present the following week and get his expert feedback. But he actually proposed that we have to write the brief ourselves for a product. He had a simple formula to what should be included.

These were:

Who are we talking to

What do we want them to do

Why do we want them to do it.

And that’s it.

A bit different to the crammed A4 piece we get with thousands of sub categories.

I found it a great exercise because it really helps with clarity of thought and brings some focus back into creative work. This week for instance doing our own briefs has been a challenge its amazing where ideas go wondering but have little relevance to what you are trying to communicate. So I’m going to try this formula to see if it gets us anywhere.

We were then giving Amnesty International to advertise, in which ever way we think to who ever and communicating whatever. I was a little annoyed with the old charity thing to work on, however the best 6 teams will go to WK London to do a brief for them. So an fantastic opportunity.

Meanwhile 10 weeks till Christmas and 10 briefs to do!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Ogilvy Fellowship

I received an email today about the Ogilvy Fellowship programme. see

Seems a great idea, three years of placement. Has anyone else applied for it?

I have had a crit in ogilvy one already and the place seemed rather swish, but i'm not sure if this would be the right route for me to apply down. I think they do some great work. But if i did get a place would it be quiet restrictive staying in one agency for that long when your fresh and new. hmmmpfff!

Anyhow, whilst i make a dilema about applying... check out there tips on getting into advertising