Thursday, November 20, 2008

pretty please with cherries on top

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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Dirt is good.

I attended Iris Potential on Wednesday and after a 4.30 start and getting home at 12,I have just about recovered.

The day started off with the usual introductions around the boardroom table, lots of names and faces quickly sweeping by but with copious amounts of coffee and muffins I soon felt settled and comfy.

After a nice PowerPoint we moved up into there creative area, and had about 5 hours to come up with an integrated campaign for a moisturising brand for men. Some people came in their teams; unfortunately Aaron wasn't allowed to come with me as we hadn’t entered it together. Which was a shame, because we have been producing some nice work lately. So I was put into a three. Not the ideal situation, when you want to shine! But luckily Vanesh was a great personality and I already knew Laura from my course.

We came up with some, what I felt was safeish ideas, nothing that was an instant click on the good feeling button. But from the feedback we received from Conrad and the guys they seemed to like it. I can’t say much though yet as the brief is live.

Apart from that the day went quickly, had a mini interview with a lovely lady, with some interesting questions. I think this went well, but we mainly just kept talking about cider. The common interest we had from our Somerset roots!

Overall, great experience, met some nice people, would have preferred a smaller team or with my own partner, but hey you can’t win them all. I do have a mini regret though, didn’t get much chance to speak to Mike and Phil, but I have to say you two were for me, the team that produced the best work of the day.

We should be getting feedback from the day in two weeks!

At the same time, Aaron was at Uni presenting to Nick Holmes our Amnesty ideas. From his feedback we got chosen as one of the top four teams and are off to Weiden and Kennedy to meet Lucy and Darren and present our work. They have set us Persil.

The reason they have set us Persil is that they believe that in every student book there should be a soap powder, car, beer, bank or airline. So we have Persil, which they want us to produce something fresh, original and with a new perspective.

So, off we trot.

Saturday, November 1, 2008



i was trying to explain a newish technology where a series of digital panels that are inside tube tunnel plays when a tube goes past. And so then the ad looks like its playing in your window for a few sconds. I cant find the website, but i know there was a site by the compnay that made them. Any help? ive tried google and cannie find a thing.

Many thanks