Wednesday, March 19, 2008

white season

Thought i would post an ad i saw for BBC 2's white season, and since being in London for the week i have been feeling alienated and its a good issue to look at and i think it often gets covered up because people don't want to be un-"PC" Lovely ad though, a simple beauty but at the same time has caused a lot of controversy. Which really highlights what the series is about!

As for the idea bakery- still in YCN doing some work for their extension of their site called agency YCN. I've really liked being in this environment so far and been great to witness such great illustration and graphic talent. I think im going to improve on my illustration and graphic skills myself- i feel inspired and it may make a good contribution to my future executions if i brush up- and more employable being more flexible skill wise! The award entries are also flooding in,,,, epppps, somewhere in the pile is our puny little boards screaming for attention. Next year im going to plan months in advance my ycn tactics.

But for now.... more thinking must be done.