Thursday, February 5, 2009

"That ad is GANGSTA!"

So the new Cadbury's eyebrows ad has pretty much circulated every home and school. My own view is that it's a bit try-hard and I feel a bit underwhelmed by it. Mainly because its so similar to a Youtube video where a guy attaches electrodes to his face and syncs the movement to some music.

But my view doesn't correlate to the general public's. Even when out bowling, and it comes on a large screen, all the kids stopped their game and watched the duo twitch those eyebrows, and they mimicked the movements and comments such as "that ad is gangsta" got yelled out. This led me to question, how stuck in the world of advertising you can become, that it affects your judgments on the success of an ad. I mean, it can win or not win any of awards, but who are creatives to judge, when we are never really the audience? I think I've learned that once in a while you may need to step back from your work and be less critical. Taking the Cadbury's ad, although it maybe influenced by the YouTube video, that doesn't stop it being a hit with kids, i mean why would they care where it came from?

The lesson learned form all this... Take a step back away from the advert! I think my partner and myself need to show other people not in the industry or our tutors,or it can become complicated, over-thought and overdone.