Monday, December 12, 2011

Life is looking Good.

Another campaign that involved a Bike Launch for Honda across Europe. This time, it was for the brand new Honda Integra. A Honda that doesn't really have a category within bikes. Its a bit like a scooter but with the power of a bigger bike and was created to bridge the gap between the everyday need for practicality and the desire for a more powerful, refined ride. The Integra is the considered choice for any discerning rider. We needed to communicate to the audience a stylish, cool and sophisticated bike. No spotty teenage, hairdryer scooter riders here! Photography and film by Adam Swords.

AND Honda

Below are some pieces from a Campaign we did to launch the new NC700x and Nc700S across Europe. The concept revolved around the insight that the NC700 can used for anything from an everyday commute to a trip in the countryside. To show the versatility of the bike we decided to amplify the roads and areas the bike can go to. Each cgi "AND" has been lovingly crafted by Chris Labrooy. Each typeface has been created by objects or items found in each environment. The press was also accompanied by a product film (see previous blog post)