Saturday, May 30, 2009

Degree Show

Last night was the opening night for our University Degree show. Proved to be a good turn out and it was nice seeing all the other courses' work. The Illustration exhibit, i thought was paticularly strong strong followed by Editoral and Advertising Photography. I will post pictures shortly.

Meanwhile, we have a month to organise new blood and get our website finished. At the moment we have a temporary one at carbon made.... New fancy slick site on its way, will be ready by July.

Apart from exhibition malarky, we sent off our entries for the shelf awards. (See logo link above) It was a last minute decision to enter the brief, so we dont have high hopes for the concept. But if we did get through, judging from the photos and information from Daniel at MajorPlayers, it seems like its packed full of important people with the ever so important keys to the gate of placements. So fingers and toes crossed.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

On the Market

It is with regret that we have graduated, officially finished education, and the comfort that it provides! Yet we are very very ready to get stuck into the hard junior placement/work slog that awaits us.

We forcast a tough but fufilling year ahead. It won't be easy but we shall finally be persuing our careers and hopefully start earning a bit of money.

So here's to the beginning.

Emily and Aaron

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cannes Young Lions


I did it in two hours after work at 10pm, so excuse the shite editing.

I would like to thank my patient housemates and their great prop help xxx

Thanking you

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Healthy Copy

I have recently noticed some really nice copy on the side of Vitamin Water bottles. The little paragraph, kind of in a "innocent" way, describes the benefits of drink water but more wholesome and gritty. They keep me amused at the gym and makes me warm to the drink's brand. Take a look:

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Over the D&AD moon!

We received a phone call yesterday from our tutors telling us we had indeed been nominated in two catagories for the 2009 Student D&AD awards!We had a great night of celebrating and sat here typing this Iam still buzzing. We certainly weren't expecting to get nominated, possibly "in book" at best and only in one catagory, so we are really chuffed. Roll on the awards ceremony. New this year there will be a winners site with judges' comments, online in two weeks. Its a shame they have also got rid of the print annuals though, but all work will be up soon!
Heres what the chairman, Greg Quinton, had to say about this years entries:
I challenge anyone not to be simply blown away by the incredible display of entries at Olympia, board upon board of talent standing to attention, ready for inspection by the creative industry’s finest.

It all began last September when over 15,000 people accessed the creative briefs from 1,000 colleges all around the world. In March 3,000 entries arrived at our doors.
Over the last two weeks (firstly at London’s Kensington Olympia) 170 leading creatives and sponsors of the briefs gathered together to judge. Walking up and down the aisles where the Student work was in with the Professionals’ it was difficult to tell the two apart. This is testament to the quality of the work submitted.
Now only 2 months of nail bitting to wait for the results.
Meanwhile.. If anyone would like to travel afar:
University of Gloucestershire, Pitville Studios,Cheltenham, End of Year degree show is Friday May 22nd from 6.30. Official invitation up soon!