Saturday, April 25, 2009

We met Kevin and Gregor

We spent a few lovely sunny days in London on Wednesday and Thursday. First on the visit list, Farm. Absolutely loved the place. Really nice people, really nice size agency, really nice advice.

We went to present our responses to the National Book Token Brief. At first glance, was a nasty brief. But we soon got into it. However, I don't think our approach was fully executed well, and its not a piece we are proud enough to put in our portfolio. I don't think any team got it totally 100% spot on either. Its hard to advertise tokens and not just advertise books. I guess it comes with experience but Kevin and Gregor just spot flaws instantly, and you go oh sh*t, why didn't i notice that. We hope to return to see them and have a better natter soon.

In the afternoon, we went to Covent garden and saw Dan, from Major Players. Again, what an oracle of knowledge. He pretty much knows everyone in the Industry and exactly whats going on. He gave us again great tips for successfully launching our careers. Best advice, no matter where; agencies must pay placements at least minimum wage. So no excuses. He did openly admit that at this moment in time he can't offer us much of his help, just advice. He also did a mystic meg moment, and believes that people will start hiring placements soon within the next 6 months. I'll hold you to that dan!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Starting up.

One month to go and I then reach the start line, for the advertising junior graduate race. I've been having a chat with fellow class mates, discussing the next step. Ideally, Aaron and myself will move to london. Money wise, this will be hard. Probably book critting and placements in the week followed by solid weekend work just to pay the rent. Other classmates are talking about setting up their own business. With advice and encouragement from industry contacts, they have been advised that, now more than any other time, it's a great opportunity to start up a small advertising business with a focus on more local, smaller budget work.

This may be a great chance to undercut agencies and pitch for work, it builds up your portfolio and gives you some money! Take kate Moross' work She went to companies, does her own business agreements and has got her own client list at a very young age. It's inspirtational and could indeed be a stepping stone to an agency after the credit crunch.

Kate Moross- Cadburys Billboard, Comissioned By Fallon.

On the other hand,this does mean putting the big agency london dream on hold, and getting work for a start would probably be a mission.

We shall see. Meanwhile, 7 briefs to finish in a month.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Please can someone, anyone, please host this years portfolio night. It seems that London (height of Advertising fame) is letting the side down. The event for portfolionight still remains unhosted, and will not go ahead. I know the current economic climate may be putting agencies off hosting such an event. But there are eager, keen, enthusiastic creative grads that would like some constructive feedback on their portfolios and possible placements and seems like a opportunity not to be missed. So if you are from an agency that reads this please tell the big people about it and contact Stephanie Pellicer
ihaveanidea Portfolio Night Event Director on